Danger Painters - Banana Bag
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Here’s a mix of the album’s opening track, entitled “Banana Bag”

Danger Painters - When the Saints

I want to be in that number… When The Saints

Now with vocals

Danger Painters - Ohio
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Ohio. (Down beside where the waters flow…)

Danger Painters - Remember Everything

My little sci-fi song about a not too distant future when jolting memories at will will let us remember small details of our past, even share our past. A near final mix from our soon to be done 4th Danger Painters record. Enjoy

Danger Painters - Life of a Lifetime
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Rough mix with vocals

Danger Painters - Chain Rainy Day
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Now with vocals, mix nearly final. (Chain Rainy Day)

Danger Painters - Made on Earth

William x Harvey is the bass player for Danger Painters. Last year was his first time with us (Michael Barron and Bob Boilen) at the last minute last year Bill turned in a song at the last minute. It turned into one of my favorite pieces on the record and very different from the music Michael and I make together but perfect counterpoint. Now he’s done it again, turning in a very naked midi file. I put a piano to that file, wacked it out with some effects that added lovely swimming harmonics and an slightly off kilter drum pattern.

I’m told Mr. Harvey has some words for the tune. I’m eager to hear them, though today he’s playing bass with the Urban Verbs in NYC.

Danger Painters - Chain Rainy Day
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Chain Rainy Day, Clubbed.

Bob worked some of his sonic voodoo on this… give it another listen.

…Still working on lyrics

Danger Painters - We Get Nothing
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We get nothing… just like Robinson Crusoe when Friday said, “Monday I’m gonna leave”

It’ll be a whole new shipwreck!

 - Last Train
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Thanks to Susan Mumford, whose lyrics inspired this little ditty….